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How It's Done

During the initial consultation I ask questions (and most importantly… I listen) to get to know you and to identify your goals, struggles and needs. Chances are you’re not looking to become a champion bodybuilder (although if you were, that would be cool too!), so what do you want to accomplish? What’s kept you from achieving it in the past? And how can I help? Let’s talk, identify those things, and come up with a plan that fits both your life and your budget. If you decide to work together (no pressure, but how great would that be?!!), I’ll get started writing your personalized program. It doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness, are a champion athlete, need to lose 5, 30 or 100 lbs, have health concerns, or a busy schedule… I will meet you where you’re at.  I’ll bring the expertise, encouragement and accountability… you bring the commitment. Whatever obstacles you’re facing, we will overcome them together!!

Shed Pounds

Have you ever struggled to lose weight or keep it off? Do you often feel confused, overwhelmed, and not sure which way to turn? In this day of conflicting opinions and information overload that’s a common problem. But rest easy, I am here to help. I’ve been studying nutrition for over 30 years, and will navigate the data confusion for you.  Together we can identify which diet is best for your body, lifestyle and goals, make a plan and get you results!

Transform Your Body

Whether you want to look better, age better, run a 10k or rip a phone book in half with your bare hands, I’ve got you! Working together, we will create the perfect plan for your individual needs, challenges and goals. Every workout program is fully customized to get you the best results possible. Don’t delay. Start today. Let’s transform your body! 

Improve your health

As a Registered Nurse, Certified Functional Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I have over a decade of education and experience to help improve your health and manage (or even cure!) your chronic disease. 

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